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This section is tailored for businesses that prioritize their brand and to uphold high standards of quality. For those seeking a lasting collaborator interested in embarking on a shared path, working together to attain mutual objectives, and bringing their corporate vision to life.

Key areas

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  • Security

    We aim for happy employees with good working conditions. Focusing on agent satisfaction and involvement helps build a strong service culture and a long-term perspective.

  • Knowledge

    Our objective is for Nordicom to stand out in terms of its commitment to education and expertise. We are a little more prepared.

  • Quality

    Our guiding principle always directs us toward quality. In the way we interact with one another, in our relationships with our partners, in the equipment we employ, and the other parts of our operations.

  • Technique

    We operate with modern systems, use daily statistics, and are driven by the feedback from our customers.

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Quality is present in every aspect of what we do


Nordicom’s strength and value proposition derive from our customer-centric approach. However, this approach can only thrive when we, as employers, prioritize our staff’s well-being. All our employees enjoy the benefits of collective agreement conditions. Contented employees tend to have a more enduring commitment to their roles, resulting in our agents staying and accumulating valuable experience. Consequently, we can allocate less time to recruitment and training, allowing us to focus on internal training, honing skills, and enhancing our business. Moreover, all employees actively participate in our career advancement program, which outlines clear objectives for progression.

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trygghet på jobbet
kunskap kundtjänst


Becoming a proficient customer service professional or a skilled leader is a journey that doesn’t happen overnight, and we don’t expect it to. Our aim is for Nordicom to lead the way in terms of education and knowledge. We consistently invest in our professional growth, delving into various aspects of our field, including our partners’ offerings and the technology we employ. Our commitment to a culture of knowledge means we are continually discovering new subjects to explore together, discuss, and improve upon. No piece of knowledge is overlooked; everything is meticulously stored in cloud-based databases and manuals. This ensures that, with each passing week, month, and year, we are progressively better prepared.

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At Nordicom, we embrace the responsibility for upholding our standards of quality. This involves giving priority to quality work and taking proactive measures. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, serving as our guiding principle in every decision we make. When presented with choices, we consistently opt for the highest quality, and nothing less. We firmly believe that going the extra mile, acquiring additional knowledge, and staying well-prepared are investments that yield valuable returns.

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Kvalitet kundservice
Teknik kundservice


Studies show that both agents and customers are more satisfied when a system seamlessly connects various channels. This allows agents to communicate easily, be better prepared, and experience less stress. In customer service, we work with KPIs like FCR, Service level, AHT, and CSAT to ensure quick responses and high customer satisfaction. To enhance customer loyalty, we measure and optimize metrics like NPS and CES. Daily, we collect valuable insights from customers, aiding in understanding their needs and behaviors to develop your offerings.

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