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Outsourcing tjänster

We provide companies with a competitive edge

Optimize your operations, elevate service levels, and reduce expenses simultaneously

Nordicom serves as a central hub for all your customer relationship needs. Our objective is to assist growing brands in enhancing their customer service, sales, and back-office functions.

Comprehensive partner for business process outsourcing.

Business segments

Client support solutions

We assist businesses aiming to excel in client support and harness fresh potentials via cutting-edge 360° omnichannel platforms.

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Sales promotion

Nordicom supports brands aiming for expansion through high-quality sales initiatives. We cater to both B2B and B2C sectors and can provide a comprehensive solution in sales promotion. This encompasses tasks such as market assessment, lead generation, sales strategy, appointment scheduling, and contract execution.

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Administrative support

Nordicom manages your administrative business functions, including order processing, invoice management, web maintenance, FAQ updates, financial record-keeping, debt recovery, and SMS and email communication. This efficient handling not only saves you valuable time but also reduces your expenses. We serve as your extended arm, proficiently managing both customer interactions and administrative tasks.

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