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Nordicom serves as a hub for all customer relations requirements. Our mission is to assist leading Nordic brands with their customer service, sales, and back-office functions. We are in search of individuals who possess a friendly and helpful demeanor while finding satisfaction in problem-solving. At Nordicom, you will have access to the tools necessary for personal growth, career advancement, and most importantly, making a meaningful impact. Below, you can browse our current job opportunities.

Call center jobs
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An environment filled with opportunities

Collectively, we accomplish great outcomes


We collaborate to reach shared objectives. As part of the Nordicom team, you’ll have access to assistance and guidance from supervisors and peers.


Assuming responsibility is rewarded at Nordicom. We provide various options for our employees to manage their time and diversify their work.


Our objective is to ensure that you’ll consistently discover your next career move within the Nordicom Group. Demonstrated loyalty and performance open doors for advancement within the organization.


We foster a friendly work environment where camaraderie and engaging activities are integral to our daily routine. Anticipate a pleasurable work experience!

Open positions in customer service and sales at our call center

We recognize everyone’s unique talents

At Nordicom, there truly is a place for most individuals, regardless of their personality type, age, or level of experience. We aspire to create a workplace where a positive outlook and a “can-do” approach are highly valued attributes. With this mindset, we are committed to assisting you in honing your abilities and advancing in your personal growth and career journey.

Call center jobs
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Progressing your career within the company

An organization designed for creating internal career pathways

At Nordicom, we value your personal journey and aspire to be your partner throughout your professional life. We invest in you as a team member and provide you with the time to establish a strong foundation. During your tenure, you will acquire skills in effective communication, patience, empathy, the art of sales, and more. When you’re prepared to take the next step in your career, internal advancement opportunities await you, whether as a leader, trainer, account manager, or administrator. Our core belief is that promoting from within is the best and fairest way to maximize career opportunities for our own employees within Nordicom.

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If you believe this could be the right fit for you, we’re eager to connect. Our location in Örebro is central, close to the castle, and we operate from newly refurbished and inviting spaces designed for leisure and social interactions. When you join us, you’ll represent renowned brands and receive competitive compensation, pension benefits, and more. Feel free to browse our job openings or submit your CV. We have numerous exciting projects in progress, and as a member of our staff pool, you’ll be given priority consideration for new positions. We’re excited to hear from you!

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Joining the customer service team

A role in customer service typically involves responding to inquiries from existing customers through phone and email. Additionally, it may encompass assisting customers through website chat or various social media platforms. Common scenarios addressed by customer service include queries related to invoices, contracts, product advice, pricing, promotions, purchasing, subscription changes, and cancellations.
Depending on the company, a customer service representative may also undertake administrative responsibilities, such as managing customer bookings, creating support cases, liaising with craftsmen and technicians, remote troubleshooting of various systems, completing order forms, and issuing invoices and contracts.

For customers, interacting with a customer service agent often constitutes their primary interaction with a company. Consequently, it is crucial that this interaction feels personalized and authentic, with the employee possessing the necessary knowledge and resources to assist the customer effectively. Customer service employees may either be directly employed by the company they represent, referred to as working “in-house,” or employed by a partner company responsible for handling customer service on behalf of another organization.

A typical workday overview

Most customer service departments adhere to standard office hours, typically starting between 08:00 or 09:00 and concluding at 17:00 or 18:00 in the evening. However, some situations may necessitate evening hours as customer inquiries often surge after regular working hours. The day typically commences with a team leader assessing the projected call volume for the day and establishing performance targets. This is followed by 3-4 work shifts, each involving varying levels of incoming calls. The volume of calls can fluctuate depending on the specific customer, external events, ongoing campaigns, and prevailing circumstances.

What’s the experience of working in customer service like?

Working in customer service is predominantly a rewarding profession that allows you to serve as a problem solver for customers, employing various clever methods to assist them. It’s both fulfilling and personally enriching to bring happiness to a customer. This role hinges on crucial skills such as problem-solving and interpersonal abilities. When faced with a question or issue you can’t immediately resolve, you have access to a database where you can easily find answers to customer queries. You gain proficiency in communicating with diverse individuals, encompassing people of varying ages and backgrounds.
While it’s no secret that handling displeased or irate customers can pose a challenge, such situations are also some of the most growth-inducing aspects of the job. Although these encounters may not be the most enjoyable, they occur less frequently than you might imagine. Acquiring the ability to manage irate or dissatisfied individuals in a composed and systematic manner, calming the situation, and ultimately making the person content, is an invaluable skill applicable in various life contexts. Typically, you work within a team environment where you can always seek guidance from a colleague or your immediate team leader. Furthermore, you receive continuous coaching and training to enhance your proficiency in customer management, encompassing knowledge about the company’s products or services, conversational techniques, language usage, and sales strategies.

Salary trends in the field

Through diligent efforts influenced by both governmental and various independent and labor organizations, there have been notable improvements in wage conditions on average. What has now become nearly an industry norm includes:

  • Elevated base salaries and minimums in accordance with collective agreements
  • Pension benefits and additional perks such as healthcare allowances
  • Opportunities to impact one’s income through sales-related incentives
A strong foundation for your career

Whether you possess a passion for customer service or are simply seeking a call center position, we believe that everyone should experience working in customer service or a similar role at some point in their career. The development of communication skills, coupled with problem-solving abilities, fosters increased social competence and enhanced stress management skills. These qualities are valuable in a wide range of professions. As a customer service professional, you will also refine your computer and IT system proficiency, as well as enhance your verbal and written communication skills.

5 Benefits of a customer service career

In every profession, there are pros and cons, and customer service is no different. For those of you who are curious about this field and are contemplating applying for one of our open positions, here are five advantages:

1. Social engagement:
You’ll be working alongside a team of like-minded, cheerful individuals who share your passion for problem-solving and assisting customers. Each day brings new and diverse challenges, as well as interactions with a wide range of people.

2. Personal development:
A customer service role offers opportunities to develop valuable traits such as resilience, social competence, perseverance, and patience, among others. You’ll become adept at handling various IT systems and proficient in managing software and internet services.

3. Comfortable office environment with minimal physical strain:
At Nordicom, you’ll work in a well-ventilated office space with large, bright windows and access to quality ergonomic equipment. Kitchens and break areas are always nearby, and you can choose to work during both daytime and evening hours, with flexibility in your schedule.

4. Growth opportunities:
Within the customer service field, numerous career progression paths await you, offering increased salary and expanded responsibilities. You can begin as a junior agent and advance to become a representative, trainer, administrator, or help desk employee, depending on your aptitude. Further steps include roles like sales coach, team leader, or quality manager.

5. Enjoyable work environment:
We regularly host internal competitions, events, and activities to foster a sense of camaraderie and ensure a harmonious workplace. Additionally, we strongly promote physical activity and wellness, which is a recurring theme in our events.

Enhancing earnings potential in customer service

Various incentive structures are commonly employed within the customer service industry. The prevalent ones often involve providing extra bonuses to employees who achieve specific measurable targets within a given month. These criteria typically revolve around factors such as call volume, customer satisfaction ratings, and total call duration. These bonuses serve as a means to encourage productivity and recognize employees who put forth their best efforts in ensuring customer happiness.

Additionally, many customer service roles incorporate a sales component alongside the base salary. The nature of this sales component can vary significantly depending on the company being represented and the products being sold. In certain cases, this sales opportunity can significantly impact the earnings of customer service professionals.

Part-time customer service employment

If you are a student or hold another part-time occupation, there are openings available for part-time roles with us. Occasionally, a part-time position may entail working during evenings and weekends, with overtime (OB) compensation naturally provided.

Student opportunities in customer service

At Nordicom, we welcome both seasoned professionals and students. We believe that anyone can excel in customer service with the appropriate training. We provide excellent options for part-time employment to supplement your income while pursuing your studies. We assist you in crafting a sustainable schedule that aligns with your academic commitments.

Internship opportunities in customer service at Nordicom

For high school students, there is a chance to undertake an internship with us. We highly value the opportunity to contribute to society and support young individuals who have an interest in customer service and Nordicom. Naturally, there are also potential avenues where an internship can lead to additional job opportunities or future employment.