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Maximize business potential with a professional call answering solution

In highly competitive industries with similar products or services, success often hinges on promptly answering customer calls and leveraging these moments to showcase your unique values and business approach. Ideally, your company would answer every call and capitalize on each opportunity. However, in reality, this rarely happens. In such cases, an external call answering service becomes a valuable resource, helping you make the most of untapped business potential.

Enhancing customer engagement: We respond, add value, and direct customers to you

When you entrust us with your answering service, you enhance your availability and can direct your focus on core work. Our agents handle calls efficiently, forwarding them based on the nature of the inquiry or relaying messages via email or SMS. Our commitment to quality response services ensures that customers believe they’ve interacted with your company, aligning perfectly with our goals. Additionally, our team is skilled in sales, enabling us to professionally assess customer needs, prepare you for conversations, and route customers to the appropriate contact. Whether it’s during call peaks, low staffing periods, or holidays, we step in to answer calls when you can’t.

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Teknisk support
Teknisk support

Personalized answering services

Tailored solutions to match your unique requirements

Let’s collaborate to create a customized solution perfectly aligned with your specific needs. Similar to an on-site switchboard, we assist in call screening, allowing you to reclaim valuable working hours. For instance, your management or sales team can receive calls that have been initially handled by us, following your instructions. Many customers can be directed to your self-help resources or receive information conveniently forwarded via email by our team. Our answering service not only optimizes time across your organization but also ensures personalized customer care.

How we operate

From interaction to action

Every interaction with your customers presents an opportunity to deepen our understanding of their needs. Valuable insights, whether from satisfied or dissatisfied customers, inform the development of your offerings and processes. Our goal is to gain deeper insights into your customers, understanding their needs and behavior. This involves identifying cases that can be excluded or automated. Nordicom also assists in identifying services of interest to your customers and pinpointing gaps in your current offerings. We assess whether customers can readily access the information they need on your website and in self-help resources, and identify areas that may require expansion. By supporting you in this endeavor, we aim to enhance your cost-efficiency and competitiveness, resulting in a smoother and more satisfying customer experience.

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Putting customers at the forefront

Our dedication to assisting customers in overcoming their hurdles, regardless of their magnitude, is unwavering. We are deeply enthusiastic about providing exceptional service and willingly exert additional effort to ensure that your customers can swiftly resume their daily routines with a contented demeanor.



Our commitment to our mission is unwavering. At Nordicom, we wholeheartedly embrace responsibility and leave no room for uncertainty. We steadfastly uphold our principles and consistently meet our partners’ expectations. Even in challenging circumstances, we unfailingly discover solutions, regardless of the obstacles at hand.



At Nordicom, our guiding star is always excellence. We pursue excellence in our services, in our selection of partners, in our interactions with our employees, and in the tools we employ daily. When presented with a decision, our unwavering principle is to consistently opt for the highest standards of excellence and nothing less.

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Leading enterprises in the future set themselves apart with exceptional support systems

Our goal is to assist your company in standing out within your unique market and becoming the top-of-mind choice known for its excellent reputation and exceptional service. When you reach this point, we’ve accomplished a mutually beneficial outcome. We’ve fostered customer loyalty, and in doing so, we hope to have gained your trust.

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