Nordicom as employer

A place to grow

Good conditions and skill development

Nordicom’s strength and value are rooted in a “customer-first perspective.” This can only be achieved if, as employers, we genuinely embrace a “staff-first perspective.” And we do. On this page, we outline our efforts to create favorable conditions and promote continuous development for our staff.



Investments in competence are close to our hearts

Both internal and external training in communication, IT, leadership and sales.

Constant development is important to us at Nordicom. There is always something new to learn and as long as you are curious and interested there is every opportunity to become a more capable and competent employee via Nordicom.

Be part of something bigger

Interested in beginning a career at a company that values your unique potential and equips you for growth? Discover more about working at Nordicom and explore our current job openings.